Cooking Made Easy For Anyone

If there was ever a cooking made easy book, it is the old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook that has been around since the 1950’s. Of course there have been many updates, but the essence is still there.

The red and white checked design on the cover is immediately recognized and the tasty and common recipes are all residing inside. The cookbook is organized into easy to read chapters characterizing different dishes and parts of a meal. What is really nice are the pictures of what the dish is supposed to look like when it is cooked and ready to serve.

This is a great cookbook for beginners because if a person can follow directions he or she can cook with the best of them. Whether your passion is to prepare a full course dinner or just bake some cookies, it’s all in this cookbook.

Cooking has always been a passion for many people because of the variety of meals that can be prepared and with different ingredients. The seasonings really make the meal and this cookbook has astounding and complete directions on seasoning with every meal.

Cooking is really not so mysterious anymore when a person dives into an excellent recipe, gathers the necessary food and condiments, and cooks it according to the recipe.

Just follow the directions.

One section on outdoor barbecued chicken caught the eye of the highly focused chef and the heightened interest prompted a real life test of the recipe. The result was a delicious, tender and juicy meal with enough left over for another time. The green beans ala butter on the side with a great potato salad to go along made the perfect meal for a summer day. Now that is cooking made easy for sure.

Meals should be prepared not only to just eat, but to be enjoyed as well. That is why there are so many different ways to prepare them. They do not have to be fancy, but just good tasting. Sometimes the chefs of the world go a bit overboard on presentation, delicate new looks, and the like. No, the food just needs to taste good and that is the end of the argument. There is nothing better than a good tasting, down home meal touched with a good conversation.

Once a person gets the hang of how to put a meal together, the next excursion into culinary wonderland is not quite so difficult. Anyone can “learn to cook” if they have the proper instruction. Cooking is getting food ready for eating, and it should be handled in an appropriate manner with the taste of the food being the primary objective.

The old Betty Crocker cookbook still had all the recipes intact with someone else’s notes on the side. The pages were disheveled and ragged around the edges, but they still carried the message that is most important to understand. The recipes held within go much farther than just the food itself. It is the memories of who used that same book years ago, the other cook who used the same book from yesteryear, and made such tasty dishes too. This is the book that fostered the phrase, “Cooking Made Easy”.